Terror Chasm

Limitless suspense and the eternal struggle not to become plant food

The Straying 4 were a group of teenage serial burglars who enjoyed breaking into high end homes for thrills and profit. Until one night they made the mistake of burglarizing an infamously creepy mansion full of occult artifacts and were suddenly transported to the middle of the jungle, deep within the bowls of the Temple of the Great Dream Flower; the home of a ferocious man-eating plant who grows in and around the temple and who's deadly vines can spring from any surface at anytime. Now in order to survive they must use all of their wits to make it over a large pit in the floor and passed the botanical nightmare that lurks behind the ancient stone walls.

Terror Chasm is an up to 4 player 3D horror puzzle-platformer game currently in development by Twisted Jenius. You'll play as one of the thieves, each with different strengths and abilities, as you work with the other members of your team to solve puzzles and find a way over the chasm and out of the temple in a procedurally generated environment full of terrifying traps, imposing ledges and deadly vegetation. With cliffhanging tension, online co-op multiplayer and near infinite temple configurations, no two rounds of this game will be the same!

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January 10, 2019- Terror Chasm is announced.