The Snail Factory

World War II III

The Snail Factory
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The shells performed with a flawless service record and many consider their reliability critical in winning both fronts. The Government thus awarded the factory several million in contracts. Sadly the shells were the only contract fulfilled to the satisfaction of the War Department. Other Snail Factory war endeavors were ill conceived as usual and Elliot made certain not to spend the new funds on them, saving it instead for his own factory improvements and projects. Such rightly unfunded projects included:
  • The Mucusket
  • Ketchup Gas
  • The Panzer Maus Snail (See Ep.15)
  • The M-1 Garandropod
  • The Helicopter (Which was a good idea but Breign insisted it be made of solid gold and it didn't fly)
  • Escargot MREs
  • The Potato Masher (Not a grenade, a potato masher to be wielded as a knife)
  • Pure Energy Construct Helmets
  • Henry Kissinger