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The Snail Factory
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The crossing of the S.S. Leaky was not without incident. Before arriving at Helminth House on Ile Amsterdam, the crew recorded the following incidents:
  • One sink in the galley disappeared.
  • Said sink was replaced with a different style of sink by persons unknown.
  • New sink did not function properly and was known to scald those who used it at random.
  • New sink was removed and placed in storage.
  • Sink has disappeared from storage.
  • Sink keeps showing up at random locations across the ship.
  • Crew reports that the sink would speak to them when found, asking not to be placed in storage.
  • Sink allowed to roam free.
  • Sink joins crew's Tuesday poker games.
  • Sink has won over $3,200 and is suspected of cheating.
  • Sink caught with ace up U-Bend and banned from poker.
  • Seaman Lester found murdered, sink suspected.
  • Beautiful whale spotted north of ship.
  • Sink arrested but refuses to speak.
  • Sink convinces guard to let him free due to seasickness, guard found knocked out. Sink missing.
  • Life raft missing.
  • Seaman Lester buried at sea.
  • Sink not seen again, suspected to have left ship.
  • Docked. Life raft found on Ile Amsterdam, no sign of sink.
  • Departing for Madagascar. Crew suspicious of onboard sinks, will not venture into restrooms, now defecates over the side of the ship.
These events are considered extremely bizarre considering Mr. Sink traveled to Helminth House aboard the S.S. Heron without incident.