The Snail Factory

Cammie and Brie

The Snail Factory
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In their first week leading the Research Lab, Camie and Brie ushered in a new wave of previously untried concepts and creative science that in the end proved only 120% more inept and disastrous as Dr. Rhizo and team's record. Among their earliest innovations were:

  • Annelid production by means of coagulated casein (depicted above)
  • Eyeball production by means of drawing dots on little foam balls
  • A new mucus reclamation processes involving haphazard Capybara slaughter
  • 32 new uses for the tears of orphans
  • 17 new uses for squirrel vomit (18 if you count the combination axle grease / pomade as two)
  • Reduction in the cost of snail skin texturization by removing the anesthetizing sequence
  • Reduction in the cost of Taffy production by removing sugar from the ingredients
  • Reduction in the cost of Slugs per unit by firing Frank Sinatra
  • Design of the Ultra-Poisonous Nautilus Child's Toy (unproduced)
  • Design of the Mecha-Weevil and Earwig of Doom (both unproduced)
  • Design of the Eyeball-Seeking Giant Wasp (now common in Mexico)
  • Numerous contributions to the Manhattan Project